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Monday, June 6, 2016

Heel Pain

You’re feet are a vital part of how you live your life. Heel pain can stop you in your tracks and make it nearly impossible to get done what you need to on a daily basis. Seeking help from a podiatrist can bring you the relief that you need and help you get back on track quickly. A professional such as Ahmad Farah from Farah Podiatry Associates in Trenton, Michigan can provide you with the answers you are looking for.

What Could Cause Heel Pain?
There are several things that can cause severe heel pain. One of the most common reasons for the pain is plantar fasciitis. This is a result of the tight tissue that can form at the arch of the foot. Heel spurs can also cause problematic heel pain. This is something that is very common in patients that spend a great deal of time on their feet and that have plantar fasciitis. Another possibility is tarsal tunnel syndrome causing the large nerve that is situated at the back of the foot to be pinched or trapped. Stress fractures are sometimes found in the heel, particularly for individuals that are sports minded.

If you are suffering from heel pain you will want to contact a professional immediately. The longer that you wait the worse the condition will become. Not being able to walk comfortably is a big deal and you want to seek help right away. Call us at 734-675-7777 for an appointment to discuss your situation and go over the best options for your lifestyle.